Thursday, September 2, 2010

Too soon to make moves?

So, I'm sitting here, on a day off from work, sipping coffee and checking on the Fanball sites for both of my teams.  Just looking at all the activity going on.  Players are getting dropped and picked up left and right.  My initial plan was to wait and see how the first few games of the season went before I started making moves.  Am I missing out on something? 

I've done it before.  I've dropped a player because his "out look" wasn't too good, only to have him get picked up by another team and rack up some points.  Just one of the many pains of managing a team.  I'd like to think that I have learned a lesson in there somewhere.  Hang on to what you have and see who pans out, don't make rash decisions and drop and pick up players on a whim. Is it worth it to pick up a player you think may do good in the near future?  Or drop a guy you think may not help you out?  Its a waiting game, those players will not stay on the wire for too long but you can have someone on your team for as long as you like.  Makes the Draft all that more important.  At the very least you should be drafting players that are on the up swing.  If you grab a few guys on the way down you run this risk of scrambling when that are not producing or get hurt. 

Of course all this talk is cheap.  First week of the season is just around the corner and who knows what will happen.  Remember when Tom Brady went down the first week and missed the whole season?  He was the number 1 overall pick in our league that year.  I laughed quite a bit about that one.  Just goes to show that the injury bug can hit anyone at anytime, no matter how big the name is and how much research you did before the Draft. 

So, here is to an injury free first week of play!  May all your hopes and dreams not go down in flames with the first game.  May your yards pile high and your touchdowns be numerous.  And let the all mighty waiver wire shine down on you with great warmth and encouragement! 

P.S. Pray to Vince Lombardi, it may help.