Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fantasy Football Week 7 Review

Redraft League - Standard Scoring

Result - Win
Score 67-63
Power Rank - 5th

     Had a pretty good week this time around.  Most of my team showed up and put up some good numbers.  I knew I would have to have good games this week since my opponent has a really good team.  Stafford at QB with McCoy and Martin at RB.  My QB, Luck, put up his best game of the year so far.  Scored 26 points for me.  I also started WR Hilton, I figured Luck and Hilton would pair up and I could double dip on the TDs this week.  That has yet to happen this season for me.  Colts WR Wayne is now lost for the season so maybe Hilton will get more chances going forward.  Luck will be my every week starter at QB regardless. 

     I did get hit with a bad injury this week.  My TE Finley was carted off the field on a stretcher.  They are saying he has a bruised spinal cord.  He is likely done for the season.  With Finley done and my other TE on  bye this week, I will try to pick up a guy to cover the rest of the season.  I am targeting TE Reed from the Redskins. 

     I am the underdog again this week.  The other team is pretty good.  Luck is on a bye this week so I am starting Alex Smith.  Not a great back up QB but he does play good and there is a chance that having RB Charles also can lead to some double TD points as Charles does catch a lot of passes. 

Keeper League - PPR Scoring

Result - Loss
Score 110.09 - 139.20
Power Rank - 2nd

     This guy has beaten me twice.  Even worse, he is in my division.  I hope this does not come back to bite me as we head into the playoffs.  My team was just OK this week.  My WRs didn't have the types of games that they have been recently.  That does not help when the other team puts up huge numbers from a few guys.  He started the Panthers D (which I dropped only to cover a bye week and wanted to pick them up again, oh well, you snooze you lose), which put up 24.  RB Forte and WR Johnson combined for over 60 points. 

  Had a great game from QB Rodgers.  Might have been the best game of the season from him so far, he put up 32.  I also had good games from both of the RBs that I started.  Lynch and Woodhead.  Each scored 15.  I'm hoping Murray will be able to make it back on the field soon.  I escaped this week with no other injuries.

     I have a couple of guys on bye week this week.  Only Woodhead would be starting out of that group.  So that leaves me starting either Mendenhall or Ivory.  Ivory had a good game last week, getting 34 touches and running for over 100 yards.  I know Mendenhall scored a TD last week but he had less than 20 yards rushing.  I think Ivory will have a better week.  Even if Murray does play this week I think I'll sit him. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fantasy Football Week 6 Review Dynasty PPR and Standard Redraft Leagues

Standard Scoring - Redraft League

Result - Tie
Score 42-42
Record 2-3-1
Power Rank - 7th

     What is this? Soccer?  I guess I'd rather have a tie than a loss.  This was a really close game.  It all came down to the Monday night game.  I had QB Luck and he had RB Mathews.  I was up by 4 heading into the game, I figured I'd pick up a couple of TDs and sail to an easy win.  Well, the San Diego D stepped up and shut down the Colts.  I got 1 stinkin' point for Luck.  Mathews went on to run up 100 rushing yards which is good for 5 points in this league. 

     Had a couple of guys not produce very much.  I started WR Jeffery and he came away with 1 point.  Garcon and Finley each put up 3.  I started RB Bell this week and he only put up 2.  I was hoping for a TD.  No big injuries this week.  Sounds like RB Charles is on pace for a huge work load this season.  I hope his legs can handle it. 

     I did leave a few points on the bench this week.  Looking back at the match ups that I had, I would have started the same guys though.  RB MJD decided to play and score some points this week, putting up 9.  RB Lacey is starting to be more consistent, he put up 6, all based on yardage.  I'll keep an eye on his match ups for sure. 

     I am the underdog again this week.  My opponent has a strong team.  I'm hoping for a shoot out between the Broncos and Colts, I need some TDs from Luck and I'm going to start WR Hilton this week too.  I'm also starting RB Lacey.  I think with the Packers losing a couple more WRs, TE Finley will see more catches and I hope they will run like they did last week. 

Keeper League - PPR Scoring

Result - Win
Score 129.70-94.50
Record 5-1
Power Rank - 1st

     Down Goes Murray!  Probably the biggest news for my team this week.  RB Murray has a sprained knee and could miss a few games.  I'd rather him not play for a few weeks and get healthy than try and play each week, because if he plays, I'll have to start him and being hurt like that.....  I didn't grab any handcuff for Murray.  Most of the other guys are a little banged up also.  I knew this would pop up sooner or later but if not for Murray, I'm not sold on the other Cowboys RBs. 

     SO, I did win this week.  5th in a row.  Longest winning streak I've had in this league.  I put up 129 and I left quite a few points on my bench too.  I really only had 2 players not have good games.  WR Jeffery and my D - the Browns.  I have the Titans D but I went with the Browns since the Titans were playing in Seattle.  Browns scored 3.5 Titans put up 16.  Biggest surprise was Vernon Davis.  He put up 34 in this league.  Not a big deal since I won but knowing that he has had great games when he's healthy give me more wiggle room in the future. WR Jeffery will probably get benched this week for me.  He put up 4.7 this week and when I got guys on my bench putting up double digits almost every week, I can't afford to keep him in there.  Of course, I'll hang on to him, I won't release him after 1 bad game.  We get so many points from any position that can catch, you can never have to many good receivers on your team.

     Just an OK game from QB Rodgers.  The last few weeks he has been winning but not having really good fantasy games like he usually does.  I'm hoping he turns it around soon.  Had a great game from RB Lynch.  He put up 29.50.  He's been doing good all season but it was really nice to see him have a game like this.  WR Blackmon didn't have a TD in his game but with so many targets, he made a lot of catches and put up lots of yards for 26 points.  I've been watching players that get the most "looks" or "targets" every week.  Jeffery has been getting a ton the last few weeks, Blackmon leads his team and Garcon and Gordon are pretty close.  Aside from Jeffery, all these guys are WR1s.  And I still have WR Brown, he was on the bench this week and put up 14. 

     I feel good about this win but I don't want to celebrate too much.  I know things happen fast and I could easily lose several games and miss out on the play offs.  My goal, as is every one's goal, is to win it all.  I have a real shot at, not only my division but making some real noise in the play offs.  I can't get ahead of my self.  Where can I get better?  I have to look at RBs.  I have 3 guys that I can start just about every week.  I'm not panicking, I will start RB Woodhead in place of RB Murray this week.  I'll just have to dig around and see if I can find a guy hiding on the waiver wire, waiting to get picked and have a chance at fantasy football greatness. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fantasy Football Week 5 Review Keeper and Redraft Leagues

Redraft League - Standard Scoring

Result - Loss
Score 94-88
Record - 2-3
Power Ranking - 5th

     It's was a tough loss.  I had the second highest point total in the league this week.  My opponent has 4 Broncos on his roster.  QB, RB, WR and TE - I figured 2 of those guys might have good games but not all 4.  78 points from those 4 guys. Ouch.  Putting up 88 points, my guys did have some good games.  Luck had a really good game against the Seahawks - I almost benched him just based on the match up.  That same match up was the reason I left Hilton on the bench, he doesn't score a very much and going against the Hawks, I figured I had better options this week.  Wow, big mistake, Hilton goes off for 19. 

     My pick up from last week, Alshon Jeffery, came through just like I thought he would.  He also set a record for the Bears in receiving yards.  He put up 16 in this league.  He will probably stay in the line up this week also as the Bears play the Giants.  Huge amount of targets the last few weeks and it's starting to pay off.  I was hoping MJD would have a good game against the Rams but that didn't happen.  He has been horrible for me.  I hate to say it but if I don't need him to cover a bye week, I'll have to sit him until he starts putting up something, anything more than what he has been.  He can have a seat right next to Spiller.  I have Bell back from bye week so he will get the start this week. 

      I have to make some decisions on WR each week.  Between who I drafted and my recent waivers, I'm deep at WR.  I can't start everyone each week, wish I could.  I get Garcon and Brown off bye this week to go along with Gordon and Jeffery.  Going to be tough to decide who to start - we have 2 WR spots and 1 Flex.  I'm going to try and get a TE off the waivers this week.  Finley, he's OK, but has been putting up small numbers each week.  I have to do something about that.  Pretty thin out there. 

Keeper League - PPR Scoring

Result - Win
Score 167.87 - 82.56
Record 4-1
Power Ranking - 1st

     Had a pretty amazing game here.  I felt this game was going to be a lot closer.  My opponent was hampered by a few in game injuries and some tough match ups that limited some heavy hitters on his roster (he did have Tony Romo on his bench but that wouldn't have helped).  He only got 12 points from Vick before he got hurt and Reggie Bush put in 8 in a tough game against the Packers.  Of course I had Rodgers in the game also.  Rodgers had a good game, not great.  I think he ranked 15th this week in QBs.  He did put up almost 20 though.  I had a couple of good games from my 2 RBs, Lynch and Murray, each putting in 11.  Not great but good.  I've been really happy with my pick up of Danny Woodhead, he put up 17 this week.  He should see more chances to score points now that Ryan Mathews is going to miss some time. 

     Started 3 WRs this week and they all put up really good numbers.  Blackmon 22, Gordon 16 and Alshon Jeffery with 32.  I had Garcon and Brown on bye this week and those have been my main WRs so far this season.  Now I have 5 WRs capable of putting up huge numbers every week, 4 are No.1 WRs on their teams.  Going to be tough.  I'll probably have to really watch the match ups.  But that has bitten me before. 

     Had some really good scoring from my kicker and defense this week.  I started the Browns against Buffalo and they scored me 19.  I also have the Titans D on my roster so I'll rotate those 2 around match ups.  Hauschka had a great game, adding 17.  He doesn't score a ton but he has been doing really good since I picked him up a few weeks ago.  I probably won't look to make any moves this week but I'll still look to see who's available.  I have a couple of guys on my roster that are just taking up space right now but I need them for depth. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fantasy Football Week 4 Review

Redraft League - Standard Scoring

Week 4 Result - Loss

Score  49-55

Record 2-2

Power Ranking 6th

     Losing sucks but losing by only 6 points sucks even more.  Bye weeks are here and I always do the same thing, I wait until the last minute to try and get them covered.  This week my TE was on bye - Finley.  I picked up a TE that didn't look too bad - Fauria from the Lions.  I did no research on this guy, I just saw he was available and on a team that throw a lot so I grabbed him and started him.  I could have just started Finley this week, they scored the same.....

     Not really sure what is going on with my running backs now.  I think I'll have to keep MJD on the bench - he scored me a 1.  I left Spiller on the bench this week but that wouldn't have mattered as he only put up 3 points.  I would hate to start benching these guys on a regular basis but until they start playing better I won't have a choice.  I have to start Spiller this week, as of right now he's a game time decision and he plays Thursday night.  I feel good about my other running backs.  I have Eddie Lacey off a bye week and he will start this week.  Le'Veon Bell will be another starter for me this week.  I did not know how the Steelers would use him last week, being his first NFL game ever.  I left 15 points on the bench.  I knew he would be their bell cow I just didn't know it would start in his first game. 

      Luck had a good game.  He's playing against the Seahawks in Seattle this week, I won't expect much.  I have to start Hilton this week to cover a bye.  He hasn't done much yet and against Seattle, I'll expect even less.  Most of my better players are all of a sudden playing defenses that are getting better.  I'm not throwing in the towel this week, but with all my matchups and my opponent being the 1st ranked team in the league and undefeated.....I don't like my chances but stranger things have happened. 

Keeper League

Week 4 Result - Win

Score  147.67 - 112.70

Record  3-1

Power Ranking 2nd

     Had a really good game.  I was a little worried about having Stafford cover Rodger's bye week.  Stafford had been playing good but he had a bad game, only putting up 12 points.  My opponent started Russell Wilson who had a down game also just getting 12 points.  My lowest score of the day came with Josh Gordon with 9.  My idea of trading around a few players to get a few with higher score projections paid off.  I grabbed the Titans D, which put up 27.  Started Woodhead who had a great game with 23. 

     Had good games from my RBs this week.  I was helped with the other team starting McFadden who only scored 2 before getting hurt.  Lynch put up 19.  He should have a good game this week at home against the Colts. 

     Looking ahead to next week.  I get Rodgers back, I loose Garcon and Brown to bye weeks.  My opponent looses Adrian Peterson to a bye week.  He has 3 starters on bye this week so I'm hoping to take advantage.  The guy I'm playing against is ranked 3rd and is also 3-1 and on a 3 game winning streak.  Rodgers playing at home against the Lions, I'm hoping for a shoot out.  I'm also looking for some good points out of my new waiver wire pick up, Alshon Jeffery from the Bears.  He's been getting a ton of targets the last few weeks and the Bears playing against the Saints - I'm hoping the Bears fall behind early and have to throw a ton.  Nice upside with him.  Starting Justin Blackmon also.  Not too excited but he is a big weapon for them and is fresh after serving a 4 game suspension.  Probably not going to have a first game like Gordon had a few weeks ago.....I'll settle for half of those points.  Starting the Titans D against the Chiefs.  Has the makings of a defensive battle, low scoring and not a lot of yards given up on either side.  Smells like points for me.