Saturday, October 2, 2010

Week 4 Update

OK, so we are off and running this season.  Been very exciting so far.  The names change but the trends do not.  Big name players not putting up an numbers so you sit them and of course when you do they explode and have a huge game(I'm looking at a certain Tight End from Atlanta!) making it look like you don't know how to start your studs.  It can be humbling to have almost as many points on your bench as you do from your starters. 

Lets start with the not so great update first - the Keeper League.  I'm 1-2.  Got my first win last week, by 4 points.  On nothing more than points per reception and yardage I crept up from the Green Bay game last Monday Night to take the lead as the game ended.  God bless you, Arron Rodgers!  Now throw it to Jennings, I have both of you for a reason! I have been doing really well with my receivers, something that always gave me fits in years past.  Now I'm struggling with running backs.  My starting backs for this week? Forsett and Brown, and that's about as good a RB line up as I've had to far.  I've said it before and I'll say it again now, F%K the Cowboys!  Marrion Barber, why, oh why, did I keep that guy?!?!  I wanted to drop him for the final keeper selection before the Draft but I held on, hoping I could start the year off with a proven name.  Yeah, he was proven alright, proving me WRONG! 

I was able to grab the number 1 wide out for the Raiders, after I had sworn off anyone wearing black and silver years ago.  I've had him for 2 weeks now and looks like that was a smart move.   Actually I picked him up on both leagues, though he will have more value in the PPR league.  Points are points and I'll take them whenever I can.  Defense hasn't been what I thought it would be, so far.  I picked up Baltimore and so far they are averaging about 8 points a game.  Not that great considering if you don't break 100 points its like having an off week. 

All that being said, I'm facing the number 1 team in this league this week.  He's averaging about 147 points a game through week 3.  Yikes, and I just scored my highest total last week at 104.  BUT.....his top running back is on bye week, he is starting a RB and WR from Indy and both CAN'T have great games(can they?) He does have Vick.  I'm hoping Vick has a bad game then I won't be looking that bad.  If my guys have good games I have a real shot at pulling out a win.  Not holding my breath on this one.

Now on to the Redraft League - 3-0 Baby!  The only unbeaten team and currently the highest scoring!  I wasn't sure how the team was going to fare after a lack luster week one.  Phillip Rivers and Adrain Peterson are on fire right now.  Mendenhall finally waking up and I expect better production out of him once Rothlesburger makes it back and can start throwing the ball more to draw the defences off the line.  Also starting Foster this week in place of Peterson, he should have a good game.  My receivers are getting a little banged up but nothing serious so far. 

My outlook is good for this season, I think there is only one team that I am not looking forward to playing, but that could change.  He has Chris Johnson and Vick and I expect Vick to be in the dog house(pun intended) soon enough.  Johnson had a very poor showing against the Steelers so other defences know that he CAN be stopped.  The other guys have good teams and so far I've played a few and was able to come out on top.  Play-offs, here I come!

Anyone else having a good or bad season so far?  Share in the comments!