Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fantasy Football Week 3 Reviews - Early Post Season Run and Another Epic Beatdown

Standard League
Result - Loss
Score 34 - 88
Power Rank - 8th

     Second epic beat down in 2 weeks.  After starting strong the first week, my team has not been able to do much of anything.  I had 3 starters put up 1 point and another put up 0.  You know your team is in for a bad week when your high scorer is your Kicker, mine had 8.  Same as last week, no big injuries just bad games.  My opponent had 4 players score in the double digits.  Just a bad day all around for my guys. 

     Not much to say about my team right now.  I'm not going to panic and start dumping guys, that will only lead to more problems and you can't dig yourself out of a hole by more digging.  My team is good and I believe they will turn the corner and start winning some games again.  A lot of my guys are first or second year players so sometimes it takes a little longer for them to get going.  I have confidence we will make another run at a playoff spot.  Just have to sorry about covering bye weeks now.  Really only 1 big one this week with my TE - Thomas but I was prepared and will have TE Walker to start in his place. 

     Made one move this week.  Picked up Houston WR DeAndre Hopkins.  He was getting the most targets on the team and usually that will turn into points, even if the team doesn't win many games.  I'll start him this week and see how things go. 

PPR League
Result - Win
Score 132 - 127

     I had high hopes for this week but I wouldn't be surprised if I was handed a loss.  This was my 3rd division opponent in 3 weeks.  Luckily, my team, for the most part, all had good games and his, not so much.  I was a little worried when my QB only put up 7.5 to his 24.5 but my WRs and RBs picked up the slack.  Each of our teams only totaled 3 TDs and for this league, this was a low scoring game. 

     Was able to get out of this match up with no injuries also.  But, one of my main RBs (Lynch) is on a bye week for this week.  I spent most of the draft grabbing hand cuffs for my starters - so of course they all have the same bye weeks.  I dropped a RB that I haven't even started yet and picked up RB Blount.  He has had a couple of good games and has been scoring a bit even though he is not the starter.  He was the best available so in a pinch, he will have to do.  I just hope he can score a few for me.  I also replaced my kicker this week.  Not a big deal, my guy was doing OK but also on bye this week.  Just went with the best available here too. 

     After a discussion with a league manager about divisions and play offs, I feel pretty good.  Division wins is the first tie breaker and I have 3 wins there already.  Hopefully I can keep this momentum going for a while longer.  This week my opponent isn't overly strong at any position but this week, neither am I.  We joked  that we will have the lowest scoring game this week.  My match ups look better this week so if I can get a few more points this week I should be OK. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fantasy Football Week 2 Reviews - The Studs and The Duds

Standard Scoring Redraft League
Result - Loss
Score 41 - 104
Power Ranking - 6th

     Well.  No matter how many great games you may have, nothing really prepares you for a huge loss like this week.  Granted, this is only week 2 and I think I would rather have a loss like this happen earlier rather then later in the season.  It's easier to take the loss and still have 10 or so games left, had this been the last game of the season it might be a different story.

     Out of all the players this week, I really only had 1 good game.  With RB Ben Tate out with an injury, my draft of RB Terrance West proved fruitful.  He got the start and put up starting RB numbers, 100 combined yards and a TD.  It was all down hill from there.  West was the only guy to hit a double digit score.  One WR laid a goose egg and 5 other players scored less than 5 points and only 3 total TD from my whole team.  It was a rough day.  I really just place the blame on there being so many close games last week, even a couple upsets.  A lot of teams came from behind to win and several of those players were on my opponents roster.  He ended this brutal beat down with 9 total TDs. 

     But nothing lasts forever, especially in Fantasy Football Land!  I have high hopes for this week.  Most of my guys have way better match ups and should perform a lot better.  My opponent has a good team and he can score some good points but most of his guys are on teams that haven't been playing that well yet. 

Moves - I went out and picked up another TE - Delanie Walker from the Titans.  With a healthy Jake Locker back at QB, he has been his number 1 target so far (he went off for 13 points last week).  He will mainly cover my bye week for Julius Thomas (who has 4 TDs so far).  Plus, if I can keep a player of his caliber on my team, even if it's on the bench, and away from the other teams starting line ups, all the better.

PPR Scoring Keeper League
Result - Win
Score  116 - 79

     A win is a win.  I almost kinda feel bad in a small way that my opponent lost almost half his team to injuries very early in their games.  ALMOST.  This is why we play the games.  On paper, he should have whipped me pretty good and he did win the league last year so you know he has a good team.  But his guys can't score if they aren't on the field.  One of his guys got hurt before scoring anything, another dropped out after just one carry, leaving him with only 1 point.  Another hurt his knee and will miss a few weeks.  I hate when things like this happen to me so I know how he must feel, but he his top WR, going into the late game on Sunday Night, as a game time decision.  If he did play, he would be playing hurt so he decided to bench him.  So, of course he hauls in 3 TDs. 

   My guys did good, but not great.  Had a lower scoring game than I would have thought but like I said, a win is a win.  Had a WR and a RB break 20 and my QB came very close.  No one got hurt and we will live to play another day.  Had some tough match ups in a few games and this weeks games should have better results.  Not much else to say, it wasn't very exciting but felt good to have another win against another very tough division opponent.  Hopefully this will help me down the road as we fight for playoff spots. 

Moves - Only one move this week.  I dropped WR Riley Cooper.  He wasn't getting as many targets as I thought he would have through 2 weeks.  He is good but runs hot and cold and is not very consistent.  I went with WR Andrew Hawkins from the Browns.  He has 22 targets through 2 weeks.  With his QB getting a little better he should start putting up more stats soon.  He was more of a stash for right now.  Being PPR, this league scores great on WRs so I'm sure he will pay off soon.   

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fantasy Football Week 1 Results

Redraft League Standard Scoring
Week 1 Results

Score - 74-40
Power Rank - 3rd

     I felt very confident about this team coming out of the draft.  Landed some great starters and several rookies that will play bigger roles as the season wears on.  Changed my draft strategy a bit this year, I didn't want to load up on so many running backs right away.  Of course, I still went heavy on them as the draft went on, but I got my number 1 target with my first pick then went after some other positions that put up big numbers in our scoring system.  I think that is key to winning in any league, know how you can score points and when to acquire those players. 

     So, instead of grabbing RBs with all my first picks, I went RB, QB then TE and WR.  We have to start a TE every week so I made it a point to go after a good one.  Julius Thomas from Denver was available so I took him while everyone else was still on the RB kick.  My first over all pick was Eddie Lacey, I wanted a stud RB in a system that will lean on him a lot.  The Packers are becoming more balanced and Lacey is the main reason for that, he will be the main man in the back field.  Took Stafford for my QB, even when the Lions lose, he should put up good numbers.  My first 2 WRs, I went with Michael Floyd from Arizona and Keenan Allen from San Diego, both are in pass heavy offenses and should do well.

     On to this weeks games.  I played all my big names and of course, week 1, how could you now?  I had 2 huge games and it turns out that all I would have needed for this win.  25 from Stafford and 23 from Thomas.  My next highest score was from my kicker at 8.  I had some guys get dinged up during the game and their playing time was limited.  The big one was Lacey, he left the game with concussion like symptoms.  So far he has cleared the early stages for being able to play next week and I hope he does, he only managed 1 point this week.  My other main RB was Bell from the Lions.  I drafted him knowing he was a strong runner and will catch a ton of passes.  He ran strong and scored a TD this week.  I was a little nervous about taking a RB and QB from the same team but I figured with all the points they will score, I should end up doing well. 

     My WRs did just OK this week.  Out of the 3 I got a combined 7 points.   This can't happen every week but I know there were several games that the weaker teams just played stronger than expected.  I'll most likely keep the same guys in the lineup for next week.  Looking ahead to next weeks games, I'll probably keep my line up the same.  The only thing I will have to keep an eye on is Lacey.  I have a few other RBs that I can start in his place if he can't go, my back up RB from the Browns, Terrance West ran very well after their starter went out with an injury.  He managed 100 yards and put up 5 points on the bench.  I knew Tate wasn't going to hold up all year but didn't know he would go down this early.  I might have another starting RB on my hands sooner than I thought.  I didn't post a draft review so I'll list my current team here:

QB - Stafford - Lions
RB - Lacey - Packers
RB - Bell - Lions
RB - Hill - Bengals
RB - Hyde - 49ers
RB - West - Browns
RB - Freeman - Falcons
RB - Williams - Giants
RB - Brown - Bills
WR - Allen - Chargers
WR - Floyd - Cardinals
WR - Evans - Bucs
WR - Benjamin - Panthers
TE - Thomas - Broncos
K - Gould - Bears
DEF - Packers

Keeper League PPR Scoring
Week 1 Results

Score 175 - 130

     Had a good draft in this one too.  Didn't get a few of the guys I was after but same as above, I grabbed a few guys that will get more playing time as the season wears on and the injuries add up.  I have a strong core of starters to build on so I didn't really NEED much, just wanted to get some quality back ups and (hopefully) future stars.  On to week 1.

     I was 50/50 about my chances this week.  My opponent has fielded a strong team every season and we are in the same division.  A win for me would be a great start.  All my starts showed up and put up some great numbers for my team.  Just a great game overall and I ended up with the highest point total in the league for this week.  The Cowboys and Seahawks running games are both in great shape, Lynch put up 25 and Murray had 20.  RBs have never really been my strong suit and that will probably hold true for much of this season as well as my WRs put up big numbers again this week.  Cobb was my lowest scoring WR at 15, others went for 23 - Patterson, 23 Brown and Cooks (my rookie WR) had 19.   Cooks is my new addition, I think he has great upside for the Saints this year.  I know he's a rookie and they usually don't have great first years, but injuries to a few starters and on a team that throws a ton and he got several targets and made the most of them.  I like this kid going forward. 

     My bench didn't do much, which is why they are there.  I went and nabbed a good back up QB this year, something that hurt me last season.  I took Cutler, as much as I don't like the Bears, he has really good potential to put up big numbers.  Between him and Stafford I should be OK.  In the draft I picked up Cooper from the Eagles.  I made a last minute change and took him out of this weeks lineup and put in Cooks.  Glad I did.  I didn't need the points to win but a few last minutes doing research helped out.  Looks like Cooks will be my guy for a while. 

     Here is my team heading into this season.  I made a pre draft trade, got rid of Alshon Jeffery and picked up Christine Michaels and a draft pick.  I was plenty deep at WR and I wanted some insurance for Lynch.  Michaels could very well be the Hawks star RB of the future, maybe not this season.  I could have done without this trade but at the time, Lynch was threatening a holdout.  I drafted Michaels last season then dropped him half way through when it was clear he wouldn't get any playing time.  I'll hang on to him this season. 

QB - Stafford - Lions
QB - Cutler - Bears
RB - Lynch - Seahawks
RB - Murray - Cowboys
RB - Brown - Bills
RB - Michaels - Seahawks
RB - Dunbar - Cowboys
RB - Murray - Raiders
RB - Williams - Giants
WR - Cobb - Packers
WR - Patterson - Vikings
WR - Brown - Steelers
WR - Cooks - Saints
WR - Cooper - Eagles
K - Hauschka - Seahawks
DEF - Packers