Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fantasy Football Week 2 Reviews - The Studs and The Duds

Standard Scoring Redraft League
Result - Loss
Score 41 - 104
Power Ranking - 6th

     Well.  No matter how many great games you may have, nothing really prepares you for a huge loss like this week.  Granted, this is only week 2 and I think I would rather have a loss like this happen earlier rather then later in the season.  It's easier to take the loss and still have 10 or so games left, had this been the last game of the season it might be a different story.

     Out of all the players this week, I really only had 1 good game.  With RB Ben Tate out with an injury, my draft of RB Terrance West proved fruitful.  He got the start and put up starting RB numbers, 100 combined yards and a TD.  It was all down hill from there.  West was the only guy to hit a double digit score.  One WR laid a goose egg and 5 other players scored less than 5 points and only 3 total TD from my whole team.  It was a rough day.  I really just place the blame on there being so many close games last week, even a couple upsets.  A lot of teams came from behind to win and several of those players were on my opponents roster.  He ended this brutal beat down with 9 total TDs. 

     But nothing lasts forever, especially in Fantasy Football Land!  I have high hopes for this week.  Most of my guys have way better match ups and should perform a lot better.  My opponent has a good team and he can score some good points but most of his guys are on teams that haven't been playing that well yet. 

Moves - I went out and picked up another TE - Delanie Walker from the Titans.  With a healthy Jake Locker back at QB, he has been his number 1 target so far (he went off for 13 points last week).  He will mainly cover my bye week for Julius Thomas (who has 4 TDs so far).  Plus, if I can keep a player of his caliber on my team, even if it's on the bench, and away from the other teams starting line ups, all the better.

PPR Scoring Keeper League
Result - Win
Score  116 - 79

     A win is a win.  I almost kinda feel bad in a small way that my opponent lost almost half his team to injuries very early in their games.  ALMOST.  This is why we play the games.  On paper, he should have whipped me pretty good and he did win the league last year so you know he has a good team.  But his guys can't score if they aren't on the field.  One of his guys got hurt before scoring anything, another dropped out after just one carry, leaving him with only 1 point.  Another hurt his knee and will miss a few weeks.  I hate when things like this happen to me so I know how he must feel, but he his top WR, going into the late game on Sunday Night, as a game time decision.  If he did play, he would be playing hurt so he decided to bench him.  So, of course he hauls in 3 TDs. 

   My guys did good, but not great.  Had a lower scoring game than I would have thought but like I said, a win is a win.  Had a WR and a RB break 20 and my QB came very close.  No one got hurt and we will live to play another day.  Had some tough match ups in a few games and this weeks games should have better results.  Not much else to say, it wasn't very exciting but felt good to have another win against another very tough division opponent.  Hopefully this will help me down the road as we fight for playoff spots. 

Moves - Only one move this week.  I dropped WR Riley Cooper.  He wasn't getting as many targets as I thought he would have through 2 weeks.  He is good but runs hot and cold and is not very consistent.  I went with WR Andrew Hawkins from the Browns.  He has 22 targets through 2 weeks.  With his QB getting a little better he should start putting up more stats soon.  He was more of a stash for right now.  Being PPR, this league scores great on WRs so I'm sure he will pay off soon.