Monday, December 17, 2012

Stadard League Season Review

Standard League Season Review
Post Season Record 1-1
     It can be such an bad feeling when you load up your team for the playoffs, get a huge win in the first game and start talking smack.  Only to fall flat the next game and lose by 20 points.  Most owners know the feeling of having a stud player have a bad game or taking  gamble and have it backfire.  I had all that happen this weekend.  I only had good games from 3 guys, Matt Ryan,  DeMarco Murray and Hernandez.  Other then that.... not much.  Between Ray Rice and Doug Martin I got 1 stinkin' point.  Also got a combined 1 point from both of my wide receivers, I started Jordon and Alexander.  
     My team was just outplayed this week.  My opponent had Drew Brees, The Law Firm, Alfred Morris and Eric Decker - those guys alone won him the game, he only scored 5 points between the rest of his team.  I only left 14 points on my bench so no matter who I started I still would have lost.  At least I can say that, it's not like I left a guy out that ended up having a career game - I've had that happen before. 
     There is not much I could have changed at the end of the year.  I picked up guys of the waiver wire that helped me out (and kept them away from the other teams).  I didn't have too many injuries.  I didn't have to scramble to keep my team together either.  Just got handed a few bum games.  I feel better than the last few years when I got into the playoffs but lost the first game.  I was able to keep the fun going for a few more weeks this time around. 
     Looking ahead to next season, I know that I won't have a chance to get a team this loaded again.  I knew some rookies would pay off and they did and that helped me to spend draft picks on big names early on.  Now most of my team is made up of big names.  That's the neat thing about a Re-Draft League, everyone gets a clean slate each year.  Man, what I wouldn't give to keep a few of these guys for next year though.   

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Fantasy Football Season Review-Post Season Start

Fantasy Football Season Review
Post Season Preview

Standard League - Record 7-6
     The last month of the regular season was a nail biter.  After leading the division and heading for a post season bye week, I lost 3 games in a row to lose the division lead.  I had to win the last game of the season to get into the playoffs.  I won and was able to grab the last wild card spot. 

     The last few weeks of the season I was dropping some dead weight and picking up players that are peaking at a good time.  I do have a strong team but my opponent this week does too.  I will need some really good games from my studs to pull this one out.  My guys do not have any "bad" match ups this week, but you never know when a defence will step up and play well. 

     Just like I planned, I am loaded at the running back position.  The bad thing is, now I have to choose who to start.  Guys are getting healthy and starting to play well.  I know DeMarco Murray is back but, with Ray Rice, Doug Martin and I picked up Bryce Brown this week, Murray will sit on the bench.  He would get the start if we could start more running backs.  I also have Maurice Jones-Drew waiting in the wings - if he gets healthy enough to start.  I can't look to far ahead.  I have to win this week first. 

     Since I am starting 3 running backs, that means I can only start 2 wide receivers.  I'll go with Randall Cobb and Josh Gordon.  I have Jeremy Maclin, Antonio Brown and Justin Blackmon on the bench.  I like Maclin, especially with DeShawn on IR.  But I don't feel like he will help me this week.  The Eagles have a rookie QB playing now and if he cannot get things going, Maclin will suffer.  Plus, I added Bryce Brown this week and since McCoy has been out, Brown has been putting up huge fantasy numbers.  I'll go with Brown.  I had Percy Harvin sitting on my bench for the last few weeks and just found out he is on the IR - ending his season.  He is now the only guy on my team with no chance of playing.  If I make it to the next round, I will drop him and grab another receiver. 

     The match up this week is a good one.  Our teams are pretty equal and have about the same potential to put up huge games.  The only real position that I think I have an advantage on is the tight end.  I will start Aaron Hernandez and he has Vernon Davis.  Davis is good and can have big games but over all has had a down season.  Hernandez has been more consistent and actually has been getting more targets since the injury to Gronk. 

     Fingers are crossed this week.  I feel confident.  Going to be fun games to watch this week.

PPR Dynasty League - Record 5-8
     Lost the last 3 games of the season.  My team was still in the playoff hunt until the last game.  I needed to win and needed another team to lose.  They lost, but so did I.  Adding insult to injury, I will receive the dreaded "Tranny Award" for my division.  At the end of each season, the teams with the worst record in each division trade divisions. 

     Being this is a dynasty league, the season is never really over.  Since the regular season has ended, I have already completed a trade.  Teams in the playoffs will try to grab players from other teams to help them win.  Those of us that missed out will be trying to plan for the draft for next season.  The trade I made was for a draft pick.  I was able to nab a 12th round pick for the Seattle defence.  I might try to make a few trades before all the games are said and done. 

     I have a few players that I will be keeping for next season.  I also have a few young players that I will evaluate and decide to drop or keep.  It's tough every year to try and decide to keep a guy and lose a draft pick.  If you have a guy that didn't have a great season, but has high potential, is he worth giving up a draft pick for?  On paper, my team is pretty good.  Had a few bad injuries pop up in the last few weeks.  Can't really do much about that. 

     Time to pour over endless stats, projections and speculation.  Let the research begin.