Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fantasy Football Week 5 Review - Week 6 Preview

Fantasy Football
Week 5 Review & Week 6 Preview

Redraft League - Well, started the season 2-0.  Since then, dropped 3 in a row. 

My team has been scoring good points each week.  But we have been getting beat, quite soundly, the last 3 weeks.  A lot of other mid range names have been having great games, while some of the bigger names have yet to fully realize their potential.  Matt Ryan is still doing great.  Had a few stinker games from my running backs.  We get yardage points but only 20yds for 1 point so while a running back with a 100 yard game sounds great, its only 5 points without a TD.  So, while Ray Rice is just about a lock for 100 yards each week, unless he can score, that's only 5 points. 

I haven't had to scrounge the waiver wire too much to cover injuries.  The thing that sneaks up on me every year is the bye weeks.  Injury + bye week = no kicker.  This usually happens for 1 game every year in this league.  Only having the waiver wire open once a week and having the first picks go to the teams with the worst records kinda sucks.  You can't just research a name and go grab him right away.  You have to put in a claim and wait and see if he falls to you.  If he doesn't, you're out of luck.  If you were counting on that player to cover an injury or bye week, ouch. 

Had a few weeks of really low scoring from my wide receivers and running backs.  I'm hoping they can get back on track here soon.  On paper, my team should be killing it right now.  I'm not one to play the match ups, if I have a good player I'll start that player regardless if he plays against a tough defense.  I have to count on my main guys to pull through, once they get rolling again I should bounce back.  A couple of my receivers had injuries a couple of weeks back, nothing major but its the little injuries that can linger.  You always hope your guys don't get hurt.  When you have a guy get a small injury but he is still able to play, that can kill your score.  A guy can start but not be 100%, so he doesn't play the whole game, and when he does play, he's not effective.  Puts you in a tough spot sometimes.  I was lucky enough, the players that went down with season ending injuries the last few weeks weren't any of mine. 

I can shake a few of these little injury bugs and get past a few bye weeks and get my team back on track.  I'm still confident about a post season birth. 

Keeper League - Turned this one around, a little.  Now at 2-3.

Through week 3, my highest scoring players were my back up QB and my Defense.  Tough spot.  Rodgers should be able to turn things around.  Facing the toughest defenses in the league in the first few weeks of the season hurts.  I don't even want to get into the Hawks vs pack Monday Night game. 

Lynch is still doing good, he needs to score a bit more but his yardage totals are still getting points.  I really felt, after the draft, that by this point I would have a few good running backs.  Not the case.  I kind of knew Kevin Smith would loose his starting job eventually, but it came on really fast.  One week he was the starter, the next, not even one carry.  I expected to see his role get smaller first and I would have time to find another decent back.  I went with having to start Bush every week.  Having to re lie on a #2 running back, just sucks.  I dropped Smith, Pead, Turbin.  Some starting backs went down with season ending injuries so I tried to act quickly and grab some back ups.  La Rod Stephens Howling - I had him a few seasons ago as a back up and all of a sudden his going to be a starter, or atleast have a big role.  I was a little proactive and took a chance on Jahvid Best, he should get cleared to play and see some good playing time. 

Jennings is still battling with his groin injury.  I have it covered but to have a guy like that out hurts.  Welker was able to get some more playing time and get some good numbers.  I never thought he would have as good a season as last year, but he started this year horribly.  Britt.  I still have him.  I have yet to start him.  I'm sure he will get some better games as the season get going but its hard to trust him now. 

My 2 wins were really nice.  one game I won by less than a point.  I think that's how things will go for me the rest of this season.  Kind of wierd but when I play a winning team, thier guys usually have bad games or less than average for them.  In this league the waiver wire is open 24/7 and its first come first serve.  I've been watching that a lot closer now.  It's helped me get a few guys that should help.  Time will tell.  If I can get just a couple of these moves to pan out I should be able to pull out a couple more games.