Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fantasy Football 2012 Week 10 Review Standard/PPR

Fantasy Football Week 10 Review
Standard and PPR Leagues

Standard League Team

     Over the last few weeks I made a few changes.  As of right now I am winning my division, even though I will lose this week.  I am starting to plan on making the playoffs and how to put my best team forward to win those important games.  I was able to drop some dead weight and pick up a couple guys that are hurt right now but should slowly make their way back and be full time starters by the time we start wrapping things up and heading into the playoffs.  The biggest addition has been Maurice Jones Drew.  He was dropped last week, due to his injury, which scared off many of the other owners.  I've already got a few really good running backs but I could not pass MJD up.  He is a full time RB on a team with no other weapons, so he gets the ball a ton no matter what.  He can take a seat on my bench for now, right next to DeMarco Murray.  Once those two guys get back on the field and I can add them to my lineup on a weekly basis, right next to Ray Rice and Doug Martin, look out! 

     Getting over injuries can be tough.  This week was a bad one for me.  I'm going to lose this week but I will still be on top with a 6-4 record.  I got bit by some injuries and bye weeks at the same time.  I even had to start 2 guys that were out because everyone on my bench was on a bye or injured.  Didn't have a bad week for scoring, we put up 64 points, but just not enough.  Matt Ryan is still producing at a very high level.  Two other guys that usually put up good numbers, Percy Harvin and Aaron Hernandez, both out this week.  I saw this coming but being that every guy on my bench was not available and our waivers are only once a week on Wednesday, there was nothing I could do. 

     Heading into week 11 I can drop one of my Defences and a Running Back that went and got himself suspended for 4 games.  Not a big deal, he was only there to cover bye weeks anyway.  I don't have a plan for what to pick up this week.  It's a good spot to be in not to have to scramble every week.  2 of my last 3 games are against playoff teams, including the other division leader (at the moment).  Most likely I will go after something like another Wide Receiver and maybe a Running Back.  I only have 1 more bye week to cover for week 11.  Trying to think ahead and not get over confident. 

PPR League Team

     Lost the last 2 games.  I was thinking it would be 3 in a row since my main guys are on a bye week this week.  I was able to add Phillip Rivers to cover for Aaron Rodgers and he put up a good game.  Also had some really good games from my Running Backs, which is good because I really only have one good one with Lynch.  I picked up Marcel Reece once I heard the other Oakland Running Backs were out and he put up a nice game for me.  He won't be counted on once the 2 main guys get back but until then I'll start him.  I also added Isaac Redman for the time being, had a good game last week so we shall see how long he can get playing time.  I have Donald Brown on my bench.  Once he gets healthy and gets his normal playing time he should put up decent numbers. 

     Last year I made the playoffs for the first time in this league.  I don't think that will happen this year.  After this week I will be 5-5.  Not horrible, but there will be a tie for the lead in the division and also a tie for second place.  I will get my big guys back next week so that will help.  I will have to make a few moves to try and keep up.  I don't make many trades as many other owners want my top guys and aren't willing to give up much of anything good. 

     I try to take advantage of starters getting hurt.  It works but only for a short time.  I have had to mine the waivers each week.  Not in full on panic mode, but there is not much there.  I have a few guys that I am hoping will turn into full time starting Running Backs for next year so I will try to do what I can while hanging on to those guys for next year.  Just going to try and finish strong and at least above .500.  Not too confident about my chances but you never know.  Can't give up.