Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fantasy Football Week 8,9,10 Review

Redraft League - Standard Scoring
Results from the last 3 weeks: 3-0
Power Ranking: 2nd

     Had a great  few weeks.  Have won my last 4 games and moved up to 2nd over all.  My main running backs have been having really good games.  With Aaron Rodgers being out for a while, RB Lacey has been getting the ball a ton and racking up the yards.  I get RB Charles back from bye week this week.  Have not had any big injuries either.  Will probably keep RB Spiller and MJD on the bench for now.  My other players are just playing better and being more consistent.

     WR Hilton will probably be a starter for me every week now.  Injuries to other Colts WR have pushed him more into the spotlight.  He was being way underused this season before the last couple of games.  Having QB Luck starting also helps me here as  I can double dip on the TDs.  I picked up TE Reed from the Redskins a few weeks ago.  I was a little leery of starting 2 pass catchers from the same team every week but WR Garcon and Reed have been doing great.  The Redskins fall behind in games a lot so they have to pass a bunch to stay in it. 

     I made 2 changes that I think will help me going forward towards the play offs.  I picked up the Carolina DEF.  They are a good team there.  I dropped my kicker and picked up the Jets kicker.  The Jets are actually doing OK right now.  Since they are now coming off their bye week, as long as he does good, I'll keep him as my guy. 

Keeper League - PPR Scoring
Results from the last 3 weeks: 2-1
Power Ranking: 3rd

      Ouch.  Had my first loosing streak of the season.  Lost 3 in a row until last week.  My number 1 guy, QB Rodgers got injured on the first drive of the Chicago game.  I was only able to get 3 points out of him that game and he has been out since.  Not sure when he will make it back, really hoping he comes back soon and gets back up to game speed before the play offs start.  I picked up QB Keenum the Texans.  He has had some really good games the last few weeks.  He helped me win last week.  The final score was 147.36-144.77.  Pretty close. 

     RB Lynch has been in full on Beast Mode the last few weeks.  He is the second highest scoring player on my roster.  I will have Murray on bye this week.  I'm starting RB Ivory in his place.  Not super confident, he seems to have good games when he's on the bench and when I start him I'd be lucky to scrape together a few points.  He has been playing better so hopefully he can help me make a play off run.  I also picked up RB Donald Brown.  Looks like sooner or later the Colts will give him more playing time as Richardson has been terrible.  Brown has been scoring so I'll keep him on the bench for depth and hope he gets more touches as the season winds down.

     My WRs have still been doing good.  I even made a trade last week.  I traded away Gordon to get Cobb.  I have several good WRs so I could afford to trade away one.  I know Cobb is on IR right now and due to some of our League Rules that cannot be changed until next year I won't be able to start him at all this season, even if he plays.  This trade was more looking to the future.  Cobb is a young player and on his way up.  I had WR Nelson last year and it works out to have a good WR from the Packers as long as I have Rodgers as my QB.  I wanted to grab Cobb in the draft but it didn't work out.  We also swapped draft picks, I moved up from round 10 to round 8, from a team that right now only has 2 wins, so I should make out good in this deal.