Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fantasy Football Week 3 Reviews - Early Post Season Run and Another Epic Beatdown

Standard League
Result - Loss
Score 34 - 88
Power Rank - 8th

     Second epic beat down in 2 weeks.  After starting strong the first week, my team has not been able to do much of anything.  I had 3 starters put up 1 point and another put up 0.  You know your team is in for a bad week when your high scorer is your Kicker, mine had 8.  Same as last week, no big injuries just bad games.  My opponent had 4 players score in the double digits.  Just a bad day all around for my guys. 

     Not much to say about my team right now.  I'm not going to panic and start dumping guys, that will only lead to more problems and you can't dig yourself out of a hole by more digging.  My team is good and I believe they will turn the corner and start winning some games again.  A lot of my guys are first or second year players so sometimes it takes a little longer for them to get going.  I have confidence we will make another run at a playoff spot.  Just have to sorry about covering bye weeks now.  Really only 1 big one this week with my TE - Thomas but I was prepared and will have TE Walker to start in his place. 

     Made one move this week.  Picked up Houston WR DeAndre Hopkins.  He was getting the most targets on the team and usually that will turn into points, even if the team doesn't win many games.  I'll start him this week and see how things go. 

PPR League
Result - Win
Score 132 - 127

     I had high hopes for this week but I wouldn't be surprised if I was handed a loss.  This was my 3rd division opponent in 3 weeks.  Luckily, my team, for the most part, all had good games and his, not so much.  I was a little worried when my QB only put up 7.5 to his 24.5 but my WRs and RBs picked up the slack.  Each of our teams only totaled 3 TDs and for this league, this was a low scoring game. 

     Was able to get out of this match up with no injuries also.  But, one of my main RBs (Lynch) is on a bye week for this week.  I spent most of the draft grabbing hand cuffs for my starters - so of course they all have the same bye weeks.  I dropped a RB that I haven't even started yet and picked up RB Blount.  He has had a couple of good games and has been scoring a bit even though he is not the starter.  He was the best available so in a pinch, he will have to do.  I just hope he can score a few for me.  I also replaced my kicker this week.  Not a big deal, my guy was doing OK but also on bye this week.  Just went with the best available here too. 

     After a discussion with a league manager about divisions and play offs, I feel pretty good.  Division wins is the first tie breaker and I have 3 wins there already.  Hopefully I can keep this momentum going for a while longer.  This week my opponent isn't overly strong at any position but this week, neither am I.  We joked  that we will have the lowest scoring game this week.  My match ups look better this week so if I can get a few more points this week I should be OK.