Monday, July 28, 2014

Bob Rivers in the morning! Thank you Bob

     I heard there was going to be a major announcement on the Bob Rivers show this morning.  I figured it was going to be them announcing a big concert or another humanitarian trip overseas.  I missed the actual announcement on his show but the other show I listen to, The BJ Shea Morning Experience, were talking about it.  BJ Shea and Bob Rivers go way back and it was great to hear him talk about Bob in such a way, you could tell they have been good friends for many years.  Turns out the major announcement was Bob will be retiring in August of this year, the 8th to be exact, which will mark 25 years on the radio in Seattle. 

     I started listening to the radio off and on in the mid 90's.  Bob was on with KISW at the time.  I loved the way they talked about topics relating to Seattle, our sports teams and joked around with each other.  Who could forget the twisted tunes?  I listened to the show here and there and got to know Bob, Spike and Joe.  After high school, I had a job in Tacoma with about a half hour commute, I would listen to Bob on the way in.  I worked with my dad at this time so we would both listen to the show.  It was something we both liked, it was a great way to bond.  After a few years, his show was no longer on KISW, they had replaced him with the Howard Stern Show.  I have nothing against Howard or his show, it was entertaining at times but overall just not what I wanted.  He wasn't IN Seattle, he didn't care about our traffic, our baseball and football teams.  I didn't listen very often. 

     I had heard of a show on another station called the Buzz, that show was the BJ Shea show.  I only heard it a few times then next thing I know they are the new morning show on KISW.  I really liked BJ and all the guys on the show right away, in part I'm sure, because they reminded me of Bob and the gang.  As they progressed and I got to know them better, I really came to like the show.  Around this time Bob got back on air in Seattle on KJR, the classic rock station.  I knew of KJR, I will constantly change between KISW and KJR between commercials and bands I don't like.  I would also flip between BJ and Bob just about every morning. 

     Now, I have a job that takes me all over the greater Seattle area and I get to listen to the radio as much as I like.  I still flip between BJ and Bob.  Both shows have made changes and added new people over the years.  Both shows are great.  When I heard BJ talking about Bob today, I knew they were friends but I didn't know to what extent.  I was really surprised to hear BJ sing so many praises for Bob, how he stuck up for him, told him to stick with it and helped him get his foot in the door here in Seattle.  Hearing BJ talk, I realized that, all this time I have been a radio listener, Bob was always there.  There were times I would listen a lot and other times not so much, but he was always there and always had a good show.  Now that won't be an option.  I started remembering all the things they have done over the years that made me laugh and it put a big smile on my face. 

     There are a lot of radio personalities that I like in Seattle.  Bob Rivers has had such a positive impact in this area and he will never be replaced.  I hope the other people on his show will still be able to be on air somewhere in Seattle.  Spike, Joe and Jody.  I like their chemistry.  Spike, I've heard him just as long as I have heard Bob, I can't imagine he won't have a job around here somewhere.  I don't know what the future hold for them but I wish them well.  I wish Bob an amazing retirement.  He will be missed on air for sure.  Bob set a high standard, not many other shows have even tried. Thank you, Bob, for everything.  My radio dial won't be the same without you.