Saturday, April 26, 2014

NFL Fantasy Football Keeper League Offseason Player Moves

To keep or not to keep, that is the question. 

I will have to narrow my team down to 7 before our draft.  Right before the season ends, there is a mad scramble to pick up players that might end up starting or signed to a better team with more fantasy implications.  I have a couple of those players on my roster right now.  The problem is, I also have several well established vets that I would love to hold on to.  Here is a list of who I currently have on roster:

Matthew Stafford - QB Lions
Ben Roethlisberger - QB Steelers

DeMarco Murray - RB Cowboys
Marshawn Lynch - RB Seahawks
Robert Turbin - RB Seahawks
Danny Woodhead - RB Chargers
Donald Brown - RB Chargers
Chris Ivory - RB Jets

Antonio Brown - WR Steelers
Alshon Jeffery - WR Bears
Corderrelle Patterson - WR Vikings
Pierre Garcon  - WR Redskins
Randall Cobb - WR Packers

Vernon Davis - TE 49ers

Steven Hauschka - K Seahawks

Browns - DEF
Steelers - DEF

I traded away Rodgers for Stafford as I was making a run into the playoffs.  I loved having Rodgers, he was very consistent.  The Lions throw the ball a ton and Stafford is a young player that has huge amount of potential.  Unless something major happens this off season, I'll be keeping Stafford.

I love my stable of WRs.  I drafted Patterson late and I never started him (based on my other WRs having such great seasons).  He really started to play well in the last half of the season as the Vikings gave him the ball more and more.  I really want to hold on to him and give him a chance.  I made a trade for Cobb.  When he's healthy, he can be great.  Brown and Jeffery blew up and posted great numbers for me.  Out of these players, I think Garcon is the one I might have to let go or trade. 

I have 3 RBs that I would like to keep, but it will probably end up just being 2.  Most likely I'll stick with Lynch and Murray.  If I had room I would probably keep Woodhead also, although now that Brown has signed with the Chargers, someone will score less.  Turbin was a late season pick up to back up Lynch.  Ivory was barely a starter for me and now with Chris Johnson in the mix, he won't be on my roster come draft day. 

Not sure how other keep leagues work, but our first draft pick is based on how many players we keep.  If I keep my limit of 7, my first pick will be in round 8.  Of course, I can "go all in" if I wanted to and try to get a few high draft picks, but I have yet to try that.  Kickers and Defense will get dropped first, along with Davis.  Some easy choices at RB and some tough ones at WR.  Looks like my team will be based out of the NFC North.